About Us:

Our Programs

Programs at BASC include informational and educational speakers on topics like safety, health and wellness, history, gardening, finance, and more. We have a variety of musical groups to entertain us, free monthly movies and popcorn and educational tours of area sites.

Our Activities

Activities include monthly luncheons, diverse crafts, whittling, art classes, various games (cards, board games, and jeopardy), outings, and exercise.

Our Service

BASC members participate in community gardening as well as community service projects such as packing food for Backpack Buddies, participate in sewing projects for area and have various intergenerational activities with Becker students and area Girl Scouts, and hosting the 55 Alive Driving classes.

Senior Exercise Becker Area Senior Center

Senior Exercise Becker Area Senior Center

Where & When We Meet

BASC meets at the Becker City Hall, Room 140 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. Coffee is always on, snacks are available and conversation is encouraged. Please join us!

Senior Exercise Becker Area Senior Center



“It is good to have a place to gather and grow” G.G.

“This is a great place. I use a scooter because of my MS and the Senior Center is an easy place to move about in.
I like getting out of the house and having fun there” John

“I like getting all the old liars together to talk about old times, drink coffee, read the morning paper, and listen to the latest gossip.” Don

“I enjoy getting to know more people and experience different crafts and activities.” E.C.

Becker Area Senior Center, Becker MN